Over time, your body’s immune system will naturally try to eat away at the molecules of ink that make up a tattoo. But because the ink molecules are so big, the natural removal process is quite slow. Luckily, if you’re wanting to remove a tattoo, lasers can help speed up this natural removal process. By matching the wavelength of the laser to the color of your tattoo, we are able to break the tattoo ink molecules into smaller pieces; making it easier for your immune system to remove the tattoo altogether. Using this high-powered technology significantly shortens the time your body needs to remove a tattoo.

At Caudle Medical Spa, we use a state-of-the-art laser known as the Cutera Enlighten Laser. This technology allows us to do double the treatment in just one sitting. The Cutera Enlighten Laser has two settings which standard lasers doesn’t possess. First, there is a nanosecond setting that helps break up the large molecules of ink into a smaller size, and combined with the picosecond setting, these molecules are broken up into even smaller sizes. This dual system allows us to further break down the tattoo molecules in less time; making it easier than ever for your immune system to remove the ink and tattoo altogether.

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