Brazilian butt lifts have become one of our most popular procedures. Many patients are looking to achieve a fuller, more rounded buttocks without the added responsibility of adding a leg day or squat routine to their exercise regime. This desired look of a rounded buttocks is created with the Brazilian butt lift, which takes excess fat removed from other parts of the body, to reshape and contour the buttocks. Brazilian butt lifts are helpful for patients who may have a flattened or sunken appearance.

Brazilian butt lifts are also a great option for healthy patients who want a fuller and rounder buttocks but also have some excess fat in other areas that can be used for the transfer. During the surgery, incisions are made, and the excess fat is removed from other areas, most commonly, the hips and waist. This fat is then repurposed and injected into the butt to essentially help fill it out. The injected fat is also used to help contour and round out the shape of the buttocks so that it appears just how the patient wants it to. The Brazilian butt lift requires minimal downtime so you’ll be out and about before you know it. By using anesthesia, we ensure your procedure is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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